Tuesday 23 January 2018

汉语大词典 for OSX Dictionary.app

Recently, I picked up Hanyu Da Cidian in .DSL (ABBYY Lingvo) format somewhere, probably on Russian Interwebs. I already bought a Pleco version of this great dictionary a while ago, so I didn't care much in figuring out its copyright status. Anyhow, since I do not use Lingvo at all, I converted it to OSX native Dictionary format.

Being an old-school nerd (information still wants to be free, no matter how successful the corpos were in convincing millenials otherwise), I don't mind sharing it. Besides, I'll be extremely flattered if this causes some Chinese corpo send Google a DMCA takedown request!

Unpack the ZIP, put the resulting .dictionary package in ~/Library/Dictionaries/ or wherever your custom dictionaries are kept, enable in Dictionary preferences.

Note it is in simplified, not traditional, characters.