Sunday 22 September 2013

Words and works

A short while ago I've mentioned this blog to someone who read through posts and then came back, saying: "Nice ideas, but did you actually implement any of this?"

Here's what we've managed to implement at work, all or most of the ideas in these topics:

Code review tools and techniques

Application security for big web apps

Changing security culture

Saturday 14 September 2013

Wheels inside wheels

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… or, Ptolemaic model of the solar system of infosec.

Required reading:

In all enterprise-y security courses they will teach you that there
are several components to defence processes:

10. If you can, try to prevent bad guys getting to you
20. If you cannot, try to detect an attempt to get in before it succeeds
30. If you cannot detect attempts, aim to detect whether you've been compromised
40. If you've been compromised, do incident response and clean up

(Imagine your enterprise assets is the Earth and those 4 items are other planets, orbiting it)

When the reality demonstrates that the current approach to any of the
components is inadequate, it gets updated with "smarter" technology.

What this "smarter" technology comprises changes with time, but it
always goes through stages of

1. Add more signatures, then
2. Do some sort of local behaviour analysis, then
3. "Big data" / "data mining" or similar magical words, then
4. Whatever else the market fancies

(These are equivalents of "wheels within wheels", or epicycles in Ptolemy's astronomy)

- AV is permanently stuck on line 20 with a few epicycles, from signatures to big data, under its belt already;
- IoC (Indicators of Compromise) is line 30, only just at the beginning of its spiral.

The main take away here is that the defending side is, unfortunately,
retreating. Those "let's clean up compromises quicker" contests Spafford
was lamenting recently only illustrate this tendency further.

The other take-away is that I love lists…

Oh and if someone comes up with a true Copernican concept of security,
please tell me. I have to be part of that!